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Quality Soft Toys at affordable prices with Wow eStores

People will always have a soft spot for soft toys, our cuddly friend thatís always there for a hug. Soft toys make lovely gift ideas for kids, friends or parents, as a get well soon gift or as a soft hearted valentineís gift.

Wow eStores have a lovely selection of stuffed toys suitable for all ages and occasions. Our range of soft toys include a fabulous selection of Loony Tunes cartoon characters stuffed toys as well as the current favourite cbeebies Numberjacks soft plush toys and games along with other TV, Film and cartoon character soft toys and accessories from Toys Story, The Simpsons and more!

Soft Toy Donkey Biscuit
Ages : 3 years plus
Soft Toy Donkey Light Grey
Ages : 3 years plus
Knit Wits Monkey Toy
Soft Toy Snowman on Sledge Snowman
Ages : 3 years plus
Large Soft Plush Toy Octopus Aqua Blue
Ages : 3 plus
England World Cup Supporters Mascot Lion Soft Toy 12 inch
Ages : 3 years plus
Soft Sensations Sealife Soft Toy Dolphin Grey Dolphin
Ages : 3 years plus
Soft Sensations Sealife Soft Toy Orca Whale Orca
Ages : 3 years plus